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2 Comments to Safety and Security Committee

  • Last night or early this morning I should say at 2:45 I got a rapid 4 rings on my doorbell. I checked the front door and there was a male standing at my door. I opened the door slightly and he nervously asked me to call him a cab as his shoes were wet. His shoes were not wet and I told him to “get lost”. I reported this to the RCMP and they contacted me back and said this was reported by another Unit in the complex who did call him a cab. If there were any incidents of mischief or theft at your unit I would suggest you contact the RCMP as they have the description of this individual and file number of when I called it in. Thanks. I am in Unit 58. Jan Brock

  • Hi
    Who should I talk to about a safety/security or blockwatxh concern? I am not sure where it fits exactly but it is something to be addressed. Thx

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