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  • I would like to take the time to thank the web master of WillsCreek Community Forum. The time and effort you volunteer to oversee the contents of this webpage is invaluable to all residents of WillsCreek.

  • When we were at the BBQ we were given a paper announcing that there was going to be a coffee get together the first Thursday of the month at 10 am. Today is the first Thursday of June, we went to the Clubhouse at 10 and no one was there. We waited 15 or so mins. And still no one showed. Did the time and day change? If so maybe you could put an announcement on this site to let us know what time it is for next month. Thanks

    • Thanks, I believe it was drop and not orgaanized by anyone in particular. Whomever shows up, shows up and would enjoy each other company. I will send a message to the Social Committee to confirm.

  • Does anybody have a bad experienced with our TILI heating/cooling unit falling? and have had a good dealer for a new unit or repair of old unit, ours failed up to the weekend with record high temp.

      • Hi Tom
        I got my TILI unit to work again, Denis Vaillancourt off KOOLHEAT phone 604-309-9620 came an fixed it, but for how long?
        I have a interest in replace it in the fall c/w BOSCH unit, if any here in WILLS CREEK also thinking off the same it could be we should have talk to pool all together for a better price ?
        Steen Monies unit 39

  • Tom et al: was sitting and watching TV ~10:00PM this evening when my doorbell rang twice. The dog barked and by the time I got the door, nothing was there and I couldn’t see anyone. I put a call into the Surrey RCMP non-emergency line and reported it. Might be nothing but curious if it’s probing to see if there are dogs/people home.

  • Unit 26 reported to RCMP a suspicious male on a bicycle looking into cars parked in Visitor Parking. He was wearing a light blue shirt and was wearing a backpack. Saw him leaving the complex towards 32nd Ave.

  • Hi Tom,

    I’m not sure if this still gets moderated at all but just a head’s up that my car was broken into parked on the street on the 3109 161 Street side yesterday night (Sept 6th). Door lock was punched in and the garage door opener that was in my console was stolen as well. Nothing else appears to have been stolen. Just an FYI for those parking on the street.


  • Hi
    Does anyone have any tips for keeping the hydro bill down this winter? I am not sure if I am setting my thermostat too high or wrong setting but my usage this winter is averaging 52 kw hrs per day and the bimonthly bill at over $350. I had a programmable thermostat with forced air heating in my last house and I understood that better than the geo thermal setup! Thanks

    • Stacy it depends on the size of your unit. We have one of the bigger units and our average daily usage (ADU) Is about the same. Two things that can help, turn your fan down from 3 blades to two on your thermostat, the amount of heat or coolin doesn’t matter it is how long and fast the motors for your fans run which use electricity. Two, if you have a lot of pot lights in your unit, make sure you change them and other lights out with LEDs. That can make a difference. Ie 10 potlights using 75 watt bulbs on 8 hours a day for 30 days at $.09 per kilowatt hour will cost you $16.20 alone if my math is correct.

      The last thing is your water heater which is electric, make sure it is not set too high which again uses more power.

      Hope this helps

  • Thanks Tom for the tips! I will take a look at the fan setting. I do have a large unit and lots of pot lights. I have switched out some as they have burned out and try to keep the kitchen ones off and use the other lights. My porch light is burnt out so I will get an LED one to replace it. They did install a LOT of lights in these units! I will also turn down my water heater.

  • Hi,
    We intend to install a retractable screen at the patio door. It is a single entry outswing door. The screen will be placed inside infront of the patio door. The installer came to measure and stated that the mounting plate will be screwed on the door frame of the door, that is the vinyl frame of the Euro door. I have a concern about the warranty of the Euro door. Is there anyone who has retractable screen door installed? Any recommendation or referral you can give me?

    • We have two Phantom retractable screen doors installed in our unit and there have been no problems. I know of several others with the same set up and no issues. You may wish to check with Jo or Kelly from the Strata just to be sure.

  • Hi,

    Can anyone tell me what the paint chip code is for the green front door and the white trim? and what sheen? I found the beige paint code for touchups already but would like the others too.


  • Hi Would there be any issues with holding a yoga class on-site one day a week? I have an excellent yoga instructor that I know through classes at my work and thought it would be great to have a class on the property for those interested if we can make that happen. Is anyone else interested in doing this? She is insured and asked if our common area is insured to hold this type of class. The other question would be where to hold the class, the common room or outside on the grass or in someone’s basement? She will get back to me with her availability and price once I find out if this is feasible.

  • We had a Bosch installed in October. It is one of 5-year warranty. Cost $5,200.00 plus tax. We were told that the 10-year warranty one would cost couple of thousands more. Hope it helps.

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