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  • Garbage, Recycling and Organics Disposal

    In consideration of neighbours, please be reminded of the Rules with respect to garbage and waste removal.

    1. All garbage will be placed in the garbage containers as per the City of Surrey guidelines.
    2. All garbage containers, recycling containers, and compost containers shall be put on the roadway street no sooner than the 9 pm the evening before the garbage/recycling/compost pick up day and all containers must be removed by the end of the garbage/recycling/compost pick up date and stored inside the unit.
    3. Individual strata lot owners are responsible for the clean-up of any garbage that may have spilled from their containers or found on or near their units.

    If a strata lot owner is in contravention of rule 1, 2 or 3, a fine of $50.00 may be imposed.

    To provide full access to the fire lane always, we encourage the homeowners, that wherever possible, the garbage cans be placed on their driveway/apron or the grassy area of the common property.

    Also note that animals such as bears have been reported scavenging organic green bins looking for food. Thank you in advance for compliance.

    Sent on behalf of the Strata Committee

  • Wills Creek is a unique community experience where we are blessed to live near creeks and forests. We are also blessed to share this same space with our local wildlife such as rabbits and coyotes but at times can find ourselves in conflict.

    As we all know there is no shortage of rabbits in Wills Creek. Rabbits can consume approximately 1/2 kg of green vegetation daily and are naturally attracted to orchards, gardens or agricultural crops when these fixtures are located in close proximity to rabbit habitat.  Damage can also occur when natural rabbit food is scarce or has dried up in hot weather.

    Recently there was an incident where it was reported that someone may have been hunting rabbits on Strata property. It is important to note that under the Wildlife Act, rabbits are designated and regulated – as “wildlife” making them for the most part illegal to hunt. Municipal bylaws also prohibit the use of traps, firearms and bows for this purpose.

    Please be aware it is illegal to hunt any wildlife on Strata property and if you witness any illegal act especially ones involving a firearm, report it immediately to the police and your Safety and Security Committee.

    If you are experiencing property damage as a result of rabbits, please contact Strata as we do not want residents taking matters into their own hands.  Let’s keep our community as safe as possible and try to live in harmony with our fury friends.

    Sent on behalf of the Strata Council and the Safety and Security Committee

  • Residents are once again reminded that the speed limit in the complex is 10 kilometres per hour. This speed limit has been carefully considered and is for your safety and that of others. The last thing we all do not want is an unfortunate accident which could have been prevented had the posted speed limits and safety of others been respected. Please SLOW DOWN.


    Sent on behalf of the Safety and Security Committee and the Strata Counsel.

  • On behalf of our entire ownership , the Strata Counsel would like to thank (Jill; Cathi;  Helen; Alan; Irene; Diana; Trevor; Jessa; Adam and Steve) so much for the time they spent yesterday planting the annuals at both our front entrances. It enhances our community so much and as we drive in to our homes it now looks so attractive.

    Steve – thank you again for pre-ordering such a great bunch of healthy plants and picking them up and hauling them around for us.

    Doing what you all have contributed to has saved our community dollars and allows us to feel proud of what we created.

    Jessa and Adam – adoring children of Nadine and Trevor are our next generation of  community involvement who also helped out. Such community involvement does make Wills Creek a community with a difference.

    Sent on behalf of the Strata Counsel



    By Kelly Raby | May 4, 2016

    Building InformationBylaws And Policies

    Procedure for Submitting and Obtaining Approval for Landscaping Improvements

    Forward an email to Property Manager at RE/MAX Kelly Raby after reviewing the attached strata corporation Bylaws and Rules.


    Bylaws-2016-02-23 (2)

    The following documentation must be completed and in full to have your request reviewed.


    Completed Application for Landscape Improvements includes Request; Indemnity Agreement; proper pictures and/or drawings and details and approval from adjoining Unit Owners if required.

    Strata meeting are held the 4th Tuesday of each month. To have your request reviewed at the next Strata Meeting complete documentation must be submitted by RE/MAX one week prior to the next Strata Council Meeting.

    The application will then be on the agenda of the next meeting for review and approval of the Strata Council. You will be notified promptly if your request is approved and/or more information is required. In some cases the Landscaping Committee may need to contact you to physically review your landscaping request.

    Please refrain from commencing any work until you have received written approval from the strata council.


    Sent on behalf of Strata Council

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