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  • Attached you will find a notice regarding the upcoming installation of the Telus Fibre Optics lines at the Wills Creek.

    The entire multi-step process is expected to happen between the dates noted below in large print. The dates are the dates that access to individual suites is needed. Dates that are not listed in the body of the text but are within the date range at the bottom of the page are dates that the Telus crew will need access to common areas, the exterior of the building(s) and the electrical room(s).

    If you have any questions please do not hesitate to call Daniel Samuels the site foreman for your address. You will find his contact information on the attached poster. If you are unable to contact him you may also contact

    Joebe Young, Office Administrator / 778-281-0140 /  admin@tcscontracing

    SAN 3109 161 Ave-3122 160 Ave

    Sent on behalf of Strata Council

  • Our contract with Weed control will be occurring in our development Next Monday and Tuesday, July 24 and 25, 2017, Please ensure all lawn furniture is removed from the grass areas and pets are kept free of sprayed area until area sprayed is dry.


    Sent on behalf of Strata Council


  • As we are into our warm weather, owners are asked to water their plants/yards and if possible any common property that is not irrigated that they have access to as we want to ensure the health of our plants in our community. Please keep in mind City of Surrey watering restrictions.

    Watering Restrictions


    Thanks, Sent on behalf of Strata Council


  • Please be advise the Landscape Committee will be doing a walk-through of our development on Friday Morning – July 7th.

    Sent on behalf of Strata Council and the Landscape Committee

  • Garbage, Recycling and Organics Disposal

    In consideration of neighbours, please be reminded of the Rules with respect to garbage and waste removal.

    1. All garbage will be placed in the garbage containers as per the City of Surrey guidelines.
    2. All garbage containers, recycling containers, and compost containers shall be put on the roadway street no sooner than the 9 pm the evening before the garbage/recycling/compost pick up day and all containers must be removed by the end of the garbage/recycling/compost pick up date and stored inside the unit.
    3. Individual strata lot owners are responsible for the clean-up of any garbage that may have spilled from their containers or found on or near their units.

    If a strata lot owner is in contravention of rule 1, 2 or 3, a fine of $50.00 may be imposed.

    To provide full access to the fire lane always, we encourage the homeowners, that wherever possible, the garbage cans be placed on their driveway/apron or the grassy area of the common property.

    Also note that animals such as bears have been reported scavenging organic green bins looking for food. Thank you in advance for compliance.

    Sent on behalf of the Strata Committee

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