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  • See June 2017 Surrey monthly crime maps. Our area has been pretty good for the past number of months. Thanks to everyone for be vigilant, security and safety minded. Continue reading »

  • See attached bulletin that provides some helpful reminders on how to safeguard our homes while on summer holidays!

    Vacation Safety Tips - July 2017_2_1

    I hope you are all having a safe and enjoyable summer so far!

  • The following is reported for your info.

    Date:June 6th, 2017
    Time: 0340 Am
    File # -TBD
    Details: Residents of Wills Creek 3122 -160th side of complex were coming out of the house to leave for the airport for an early morning flight when they noticed an individual on a bike at the cars between units 11 and 12. Suspect took off quickly and was too far away to see any specific description other than young male on bike. Matter reported to police, file number unknown at this time.
    “Observe it , Report it”
    Tom Jones
    Safety and Security Committee/Block Watch Coordinator
  • Wills Creek is a unique community experience where we are blessed to live near creeks and forests. We are also blessed to share this same space with our local wildlife such as rabbits and coyotes but at times can find ourselves in conflict.

    As we all know there is no shortage of rabbits in Wills Creek. Rabbits can consume approximately 1/2 kg of green vegetation daily and are naturally attracted to orchards, gardens or agricultural crops when these fixtures are located in close proximity to rabbit habitat.  Damage can also occur when natural rabbit food is scarce or has dried up in hot weather.

    Recently there was an incident where it was reported that someone may have been hunting rabbits on Strata property. It is important to note that under the Wildlife Act, rabbits are designated and regulated – as “wildlife” making them for the most part illegal to hunt. Municipal bylaws also prohibit the use of traps, firearms and bows for this purpose.

    Please be aware it is illegal to hunt any wildlife on Strata property and if you witness any illegal act especially ones involving a firearm, report it immediately to the police and your Safety and Security Committee.

    If you are experiencing property damage as a result of rabbits, please contact Strata as we do not want residents taking matters into their own hands.  Let’s keep our community as safe as possible and try to live in harmony with our fury friends.

    Sent on behalf of the Strata Council and the Safety and Security Committee

  • This week is Emergency Preparedness Week in BC. For information on emergency preparedness see the following link for the province of BC and check out our page on the Wills Creek site.

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