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  • Exterior Hose Bibs

    With the cold weather fast approaching we ask that you ensure your garden hoses have been removed from the exterior hose bibs and that the water is shut off. This is very important!

    Please follow the instructions below to winterize your hose bibs. This is each residents (owner) responsibility to do. If you fail to do this and your hose bib or pipes free and break as a result, you are responsible for contracting a plumber to repair the damage at your expense.

    All hose bibs should be winterized even if they are “frost free”.


    1. Turn off the applicable interior shut off valves to step the water supply to exterior taps (front and rear). If your unit has them, these shut off valves are often located in your utility room.
    2. Remove garden hoses from the taps and store them indoors for the winter. It is very important that garden hoses are not left attached as the water in them will expand if frozen and crack the hose and tap.
    3. Open, or turn on, the hose bibs to allow any water in the pipes to drain out. Keep the taps open throughout the winter. (Ensure the water flow has been stopped by the interior shut off valve.)
    4. When Spring arrives, turn the interior valve back on and check the hose bibs to ensure that no damage has occurred over the winter.
    5. If you have any questions, please contact the Property Manager or member of the strata council.

    Sent on behalf of Strata Council

    “Creating Community – Experience the Difference”

  • Surrey Request App

    Submit your service request with Surrey’s Surrey Request App from your iPhone, Android, or Blackberry smartphone.  Report graffiti, potholes, litter, and much more!

    Use the Surrey Request App to:

    • Take a picture of your issue and send it to us
    • Show the issue location with the smartphone’s built-in GPS
    • Pinpoint the location by moving the map marker
    • Select from list of issues – no typing required
    • Track recent requests and get their status
    • Stay up-to-date with issue status updates



    Phone Numbers

    General Phone: 604-591-4011
    Emergency issues (missing stop signs and broken water mains): 604-591-4152
    Broken traffic signal or streetlight: 604-591-4338
    Waste Collection Hotline: 604-590-7289
    Bylaw & Animal Control Complaints: 604-591-4370
    Parking Complaints: 604-591-4352

    – See more at:

  • Reposting as some residents are experiencing problems with their smoke detectors.…change-batteries/ 

  • A big shout out and thanks to the following Maintenance Committee Members who worked Saturday morning on the first round of work on the drainage and ensuring water is kept away from our foundations.

    Roger Morin

    Harvey Crone

    Ken Smith

    Randy Robinson

    Eric Batut

    Dave Newbold


    Thank you!


    Sent on behalf of the Strata Council

  • If you are experiencing a F20 code on your Fisher Paykel refrigerator, you will hear a constant beeping sound when you open the frig door. This error code means there is a broken wire on the top of the door hinge (usually left side).  If you are even a bit handy, A simple solder job is the fix and can save you an expensive home repair service call.

    Check the wires under the hinge cover on the top of the door, Lift the plastic cover and you will find one of the wires is broken, You may need to look carefully to find the break. If you want a long term fix cut a section of the wires out (making sure the fridge has been unplugged) and solder & heat shrink a new section of flexible good quality wire in this area making sure the solder joints are far enough away so the movement is not working the joint.

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