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  • Wills Creek – Halloween Party

    Monday Oct. 31, 2016

    6 – 8pm:     Bring your candy to the clubhouse &  come mingle with your neighbors while  giving out your treats.   Be sure your  kids stop by during this time to get their Halloween goodies!

    8 – 11pm:   Adult Halloween party and social –bring your own beverages and a snack/appie to share



    Sent on behalf of the Social Committee

  • Just a reminder that Monday is Halloween and we can expect a lot of little trick or treaters running around in the complex. With the excitement of Halloween and costumes that may restrict visibility, extra caution should be taken to observe our posted speed limit of 10 MPH and watch out for the little ones. Have a safe and happy Halloween.


    Sent on behalf of the Safety and Security Committee

  • See attached flyer on Halloween safety tips.

  • Police File Number: 16-154237

    Date: Oct 25th/26

    Time: 5pm-0530 am

    Details: A resident’s work van was stolen sometime between 5pm on the night of Oct 25th/and 530 am on the morning of Oct 26th while parked on roadway 161 St, 3109 side of our complex. The van was parked on the street in front of Unit #1 on the corner as you exit our complex.  The van is a Ford E250 2004. The owner had a bunch of tools inside.  The incident was reported it to RCMP.

  • Hello folks,

    If you subscribe to the Crime Statistics option in our Surrey RCMP eNews, you would have received an email on third quarter results. It’s a good read and it shows most crimes have gone down, but I would like to show you a couple of property crime indicators that most of you will be interested in. The below shows us that although break and enters have declined generally, most of you will have noticed that thefts from automobiles has risen by quite a lot. Thieves are taking every opportunity to break into your vehicles, so please follow the important advise below. (LINK for the full report)

    • Theft from vehicles continues to increase (+22%). This crime type is up across the Lower Mainland and we are working with our partners to address this issue that has been identified as a regional priority. Surrey RCMP continues to educate the public about the importance of removing valuables from their vehicles through Neighbourhood Safety Meetings, Lock Out Auto Crime audits, Block Watch, and community engagement efforts. As the holiday shopping season nears, residents will need to continue to be mindful of theft prevention.
    • Year-to-date, business break and enters have declined 21%, theft (over/under $5,000) is down 17% year-to-date, and theft of vehicles is down 7%. Our target teams continue to work with our crime analysts to target prolific offenders in each of these areas, resulting in declining crime as those who are responsible for the majority of these offenses are arrested. In addition, our Community Response Units target problem residences where drug dealing and associated property crime often occurs, further driving down these crime types.

    Another important reminder to ensure garage doors and your vehicle is locked and all valuables are keep out of sight.

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