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  • Hello Block Watch Participants,

    Received an email from the Block Watch Captain in Morgan Creek.  This precious little female dog (see picture) was found on the 5th hole at Morgan Creek yesterday.  She is now at the animal shelter on Colebrook Road. If this is your dog, or you recognize her, please contact the owner to let them know where she is, or contact the Colebrook Road Animal Shelter at:

    17944 Colebrook Road

    Surrey, British Columbia

    (604) 574-6622

    Let’s try to get this dog home where she belongs. Thanks

  • Tis the season, where the holiday season is looming large on our horizon.

    It’s a time for happiness, yes, but it is also a time that thieves typically start trying their luck on your mail boxes. Sophisticated thieves will collect your information out of your garbage and steal it out of your mail boxes, which they then match together to create a profile of you. Less sophisticated thieves are looking for gift cards and anything else of value.

    The RCMP have already started to hear from your neighbours that mail boxes are being broken into – usually community mail boxes – so please follow the tips in this very good article from Canada Post to reduce your chances of being a victim.

    Also, this week is Fraud Awareness week, so please have a look at this next link where you can download a booklet on Scams to Avoid. Since scammers prey disproportionately on vulnerable seniors, distribute a copy to somebody you know. Also printed a limited supply is available in the lobby of the South Surrey RCMP district office (100-1815 152nd Ave). Here is the link:

  • Here is the revised list of outstanding Surrey Stolen Auto’s as of Nov 3rd,  2016.  Please destroy any previous list as vehicle status may have changed.  

    Stolen Auto Recovery Initiative

    The Surrey RCMP depends on you, the residents of Surrey to observe and report any suspicious activity in order to reduce crime and increase community safety. We are asking for your involvement with a new initiative that will assist in the recovery of stolen vehicles.  When a vehicle is stolen it is often used to commit additional crimes. With this initiative, we will be increasing our “eyes on the street” by providing the Block Watch participants with a weekly list of stolen vehicles.  We want you to “partner with the RCMP” to make our streets a safer place to live, work and play.

    Here is how you can be a part of the Stolen Auto Recovery Initiative:

    • The list of stolen vehicles will be sent out to Block Watches via email weekly by the Crime Prevention Coordinator.
    • Should you observe a vehicle matching the identifiers, please call the designated phone number immediately to report it:

    o   For occupied vehicles, call 9-1-1

    o   For unoccupied vehicles, call non-emergency at 604-599-0502

    • When you call, identify yourself as a BLOCK WATCH participant and report the location of a possible stolen vehicle. Have the license plate available and then allow the operator to ask the questions.

    Most vehicles are recovered within 24-48 hours from the time they are stolen. You will not be required to provide your Block Watch group number, but please make sure you identify yourself as a Block Watch participant for the purpose of this crime reduction initiative and then send me a quick email to advise of the report.

    Please see attached Stolen Auto List



    Thank you for your commitment to our Surrey and our community.

  • It’s that time of year, theft of Christmas Decorations starting. Continue reading »

  • See attached pictures of a large selection of gift baskets crafted and donated by members of the Wills Creek Social Club for raffle. Each of the beautifully prepared baskets contain a wide selection of treats and goodies for every taste and will sure to be a hit. Money collected from ticket sales will be go directly towards the families sponsored by the Wills Creek Adopt-A-Family. Tickets are available for purchase in advance, or if you are not able to attend and wish to contribute in some small way you can also make a donation. For tickets or to make a donation, contact Cathi Smith (604) 531-9371, Colleen Jones (604) 531-8382, or Elizabeth Matthews (604) 560-1756. Thanks in advance and let’s make someone’s Christmas merry.

    IMG_3816 IMG_3817-1 IMG_3818 IMG_3819-1IMG_3814IMG_3820-1

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