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  • Please be aware the key for Parcel Box A – 3019 side of the complex has gone missing and believed to have been taken by a resident picking up their parcel. If you have inadvertently taken the key or placed it in another location, please return the key to Box A as soon as possible. Without the key, other residents are not able to pick up their parcels.

    Thank you for your consideration.

    Sent on behalf of the Strata Council

  • Hello Block Watch Participants,

    Received an email from the Block Watch Captain in Morgan Creek.  This precious little female dog (see picture) was found on the 5th hole at Morgan Creek yesterday.  She is now at the animal shelter on Colebrook Road. If this is your dog, or you recognize her, please contact the owner to let them know where she is, or contact the Colebrook Road Animal Shelter at:

    17944 Colebrook Road

    Surrey, British Columbia

    (604) 574-6622

    Let’s try to get this dog home where she belongs. Thanks

  • Found Volkswagon GTI key located on roadway near 3109 entrance. Owner can contact Tom Jones at 604-531-8382 or email

  • A beige BBQ cover has been found in the back yard of Unit # 43, 3109 side of complex. Owner can claim cover by contacting Linda at (604) 836-8192.


  • A set of keys have been found Thursday Feb 18. near the bridge. You can claim them by contacting Glenna at 604-531-6621 to claim with description .



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