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  • A big shout out to our Canadian athletes heading to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil for the 2016 Olympic games. Safe travels and good luck from Wills Creek.

  • The first Monday of August is known as British Columbia Day, BC Day or B.C. Day, in the province of British Columbia. It is a statutory holiday and gives Canadians in the province the chance to celebrate their achievements or relax with friends and family members. Happy BC Day to all residents of Wills Creek.

  • This post is being resent for the benefit of new residents to Wills Creek

    Since many of us have downsized from homes or in some cases perhaps your first home, some owners no longer own or have access to tools or equipment for basic home repairs. As a neighborly gesture some owners have graciously offered to lend their tools and equipment. If you need to borrow a tool, please email me and I will post or reply to this post.

    Please keep in mind the Strata will not be responsible for any damage or losses and any terms or conditions should be negotiated between owners.


  • Did you know it costs Canadian tax payers millions of dollars every year to clean up after litter bugs? Everyone has a responsibility to keep their community clean by not being a litter bug.  As a resident of Wills Creek you also have a responsibility to ensure our community is kept clean. DON’T discarding cigarette butts, chewing gum, beverage containers, doggy poo, and other garbage on the ground.  So I challenge everyone to pick up at least one piece of litter when you are out walking around.  Let’s keep our community clean.

    “Creating community – Experience the difference”

  • FILE NUMBER: 2016-109595

    DATE & TIME: Sunday, July 31 at 3:02 a.m.

    LOCATION: moving east up 28A Ave between 160A Street and 161 Street then south on 161 Street towards 28 Ave.


    A Caucasian male, bald or very short hair, approx.. 6’ tall, medium build, in his mid-30’s, wearing dark clothing was seen checking the door handles on vehicles to see if any cars were unlocked. 911 was called and RCMP arrived within minutes in the SUV. They shone their search lights on both sides of the street and into the vehicles checking for anything suspicious.

    If you saw anything suspicious around the time of the above incident, or experienced a theft or damage to your personal property please call the RCMP non-emergency providing the above file number.

    Mary Ann Aldus

    Block Watch Captain District 5-363

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