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  • On behalf of all the committees and your Strata Council, wishing each and everyone a very Happy 2018

  • Gutter Cleaning was completed on all units this past week.

    It was reported that the door lock on the TELUS/SHAW utility shed on the 3122 side is damaged and therefore no access can be provided until it is repaired. A locksmith has been contacted and all owners will be advised ASAP when entrance can then be obtained. Sorry for the inconvenience.


    “Wills Creek – Creating Community – Experience the Difference.”

  • Important notice to all residents of Wills Creek:

    Unfortunately it is that time of year when mail and parcel, and theft from vehicles are on the rise. Recently there have been a number of incidents in and around our complex where vehicles have been broken into and the lights above the mailboxes on the 3109 side of complex near the amenities building spray painted black. It appears this was a failed attempt to create an area of darkness to perpetrate a crime, presumably mail theft.

    Residents are reminded again to take the following precautions to reduce any opportunity for thieves to steal anything.

    1. Remove or hide anything of value in your cars to avoid thieves from breaking windows or trying to gain access. Even seamlessly small amounts of change in cupholders will be enough to tempt thieves.
    2. Do not leave any parcels outside. If you are expecting a parcel and will not be home to receive it, arrange for a neighbour to pick it up until you get home.
    3. Empty your mailbox everyday and if you are away again arrange for a neighbour to get your mail.
    4. If you see anything suspicious no matter how insignificant call the police 911 if it is in progress, otherwise call the police non-emergency number. YOU will not be bothering the police by reporting suspicious activity.

    Please lets all do our part to take a bit out of crime.


    Sent on behalf of the Safety and Security Committee

    Wills Creek, “Creating Community-Experience the difference”



  • News from Maintenance Committee:

    • More supplies of elbows and downspouts have been received so you  may see volunteers adjusting downspouts at your Units. As mentioned previously in this Corner this is a temporary measure to ensure we are managing the drainage situation at our complex. Take the time to Thank them – they are so appreciated!


    • Due to the weather changes gutter cleaning has not progressed as scheduled – RE/MAX will be forwarding the revised schedule on Monday.
    • Unfortunately this weekend there have been at least 4 break-in reports  on parked cars – both in our Complex and along 160th Street. A reminder to ensure all garage door openers and any items are removed from your vehicle that such criminals would be searching for.
    • A reminder to also to collect your mail on a daily basis as mail theft in the area has increased.
    • Lovely to see our Complex all lit up for the Holiday Season – Thank you to all who contribute to the beauty of our environment! Gotta love it!

      Wills Creek – Creating Community – Experience the Difference


  • Please be advised there were four vehicles broken into over night Friday night/Saturday December 8th/9th while parked on the street on the 3109 side of the complex. Thieves attempted to break in by prying locks on doors. Be aware it is that time of year again when break ins and thefts are on the rise so please do not leave anything in your vehicle that may tempt thieves to break in. As always if you see anything suspicious please contact the police to report it, along with myself (Block Watch Coordinator at Thanks

    Sent on behalf of the Safety and Security Committee

    Wills Creek “Creating community – Experience the difference”

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